Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Deck the Halls


In the beginning, candle light on Christmas trees represented the hope that Christ brought to the world.

The tradition of putting candles on Christmas trees originated in Germany. A tree lit with candles and decorated with ornaments represented the perfect Christmas scene, but it was also a terrible fire hazard. This was the beginning idea behind the string of Christmas lights we know today.

The late 1800’s is when the invention of the string of Christmas tree lights came to be, but only for the wealthy. In 1924 General Electric and Westinghouse manufactured a set of Christmas tree lights that almost everyone could afford.

Christmas became a festival of electric lights and not just on the Christmas tree indoors. Christmas lights moved into people’s yards, on city buildings, utility poles and in store front windows.

The tradition of the Christmas-tree-lighting ceremony at the White House was started by President Calvin Coolidge in 1923. In 1933, ten years later,the tree lighting celebration at Rockefeller Center in New York City began.

The tradition at our home is the Sunday after Thanksgiving I go out to decorate the outdoors. Shortly after I get started, risking a fall off the ladder, my husband will come out to rescue me and give a had.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas-let’s be jolly

350 pis xmas house

Christmas is the season to be jolly, and most of us have a list of “should do’s”. But instead of fretting over the things we cannot do, let’s concentrate on what we can do, such as creating traditions for our family. We may need to do a little less, so that we may enjoy what we are able to accomplish more.

We are creating memories and traditions for our children to pass on. We don’t want our children to remember us dreading the holidays. Instead of trying to copy the gingerbread house on the cover of Good Housekeeping or Martha Stewart magazine, bake a few batches of Christmas cookies with the children. If you cannot afford to stock the advent box this year, skip it and focus on lovely items for the stockings. Cut back or eliminate Christmas cards for a year. There are things we can do to simplify the holiday season so we may enjoy ourselves, and the true meaning of Christmas.

Decorate the tree as a family, play Christmas music, sip hot chocolate, read a  Christmas story together every other night, play a game of scrabble or make Christmas cards (if it is something everyone enjoys). My youngest likes me to play in the snow with her, when we have it. What children enjoy  most is the giving of ourselves, a little bit of our time to create traditions.

Above all do not feel guilt about what you cannot do, buy or give. Focus on what we can do, not matter how simple it may be. Create traditions for yourself and your family. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

German Exchange Student

resize helena Helena

resize helena&fam Host Family and Helena

We had the experience of hosting a German exchange student during the month of September.  I would like to introduce Helena.  Helena is from the town of Gustrow located in East Germany.  She is one of the students who participated in the German American Partnership Program (GAPP) and visited Yakima, Washington.

Helena enjoys hiking, biking, swimming, the mountains, photography and can make her way around on a computer.  She lives with her mother, father and little sister.   Helena is conservative, quiet and polite.  She likes to stay busy, especially with outdoor activities.  Helena speaks very good English.

Helena watches very little television.  She did participate in some movie watching and came to enjoy a couple of American television shows. Family Guy, Robot Chicken and Golden Girls.

We did travel to the Cle-Elum area for a picnic and swimming in the river.  Helena is a strong swimmer.  She also enjoyed the Yakima County Fair and could have stayed on the rides for hours. But for the most part, she hung out with us as an average American family participating in the daily activities around the home. I treated Helena as on of my own children.

We enjoyed Helena as an addition to our family for the month of September.  She blended in well and will be missed.

My daughter would like to go to Germany with the West Valley students this summer for a month long visit. Amber is a 10th grade student at West Valley High School. She is in her second year of German taught by Rick Beck.  Amber would probably have the opportunity to stay with Helena’s family for part of the visit. What a great opportunity to open your doors to the world.  Now we have to come up with the money to get her there.  

German American Partnership Program (GAPP)

This is the 10th Anniversary of the German American Partnership Program and the 6th group of German students to travel to Yakima for a month long exchange.  The students traveled from the small town of Gustrow, located in East Germany and arrived in Yakima September 1st.

Rick Beck, the West Valley School District German Teacher is the coordinator of the Local German American Partnership Program.  West Valley is the only local school district currently involved with the GAPP program and has sent about 80 students to Germany for the exchange over the past 10 years.  With lots of hard work and coordinating by Rick Beck and others, the students were able to visit places of interest in Washington.  Mount Rainier, Mount St. Helens, CWU, YVCC, Yakima Valley Museum and a trip to Seattle.  Seattle was fun, visiting the Space Needle, Museum of Flight, attending a Mariners game and shopping.

The 12 German students attended classes at West Valley High School and visited other schools throughout the Yakima Valley during their month long stay.

Next June 2010, a group of West Valley students have the opportunity to visit Germany for a month long stay.  Watch for fundraisers to help support these students who have the desire to visit Germany.  I believe this is a great learning experience for students.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Amazon Parrot

Kiki is the newest addition to our family.  Kiki is a Yellow Napped Amazon Parrot. She is about 10 years old.  I have wanted a large bird since I was 19 years of age and now that dream has been fulfilled.  Kiki has been a good addition to our home so far.

Kiki is used to pellet food.  I have been introducing her to people food, since she was on the thin side when we received her. She likes eggs, pasta, peas, corn, peanuts and Cheerio's.  Kiki is not interested in the fruit I offer her.  I plan to grow some sprouted feed in the near future.  Seed sprouts are enjoyed by some Amazons and is a good addition to the pellet diet for some added variety.

I will share more on Amazon parrots in the near future.  Topics will include cages, play toys and accessories.  I’m also in the process of finding embroidery designs of birds to embellish and personalize Items. 

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Terry Cloth Fabric

Terry cloth consists of uncut loops which form a soft pile on one or both sides of the fabric. The fabric may be either woven or knitted, however most commercial terry cloth is woven. 100% cotton fibers are the choice for terry cloth since they create a soft and highly absorbent fabric. The loops of the fabric and being produced out of cotton, increase absorbency of the fabric. This tends to make terry cloth on the heavy side especially when wet. Cotton terry cloth is a very durable fabric, machine washable, dryable and requires no ironing

The only drawback I see with terry cloth is that if the loops become caught in something and tear out, they can tear a whole line of loops with them. The same goes for a poor quality of terry cloth fabric. The loops will pull out and you will have a snagged up towel or garment.

Terry cloth is widely use in manufacturing towels, wash cloths, bathrobes, slippers, beach cover-ups and some athletic ware. I embroider on 100% cotton bath towels and sew head towel turbines as gifts. This is one of my favorite designs for bath and kitchen towels.

Gingham Fabric

Gingham is a medium weight woven fabric originally made from dyed cotton or a cotton blend yarn.  Later gingham was manufactured of man-made fibers.  Gingham originated as a striped fabric, but later was woven into a checked or plaid pattern,  most often seen in a blue and white. Gingham has no right or wrong side to the fabric regarding color. Today you may find gingham in a variety of colors.

Gingham fabric wears well and is easy to clean and care for.  With this in mind, gingham is a great choice for household linens and lightweight clothing.

lav gingham                 blue gingham

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Youngster Removed From Abusive Parents

You would think the new parents could be a little more doting to their youngsters.  This is the result of abusive cockatiel parents.  The youngster was removed from the birth parents and placed with a foster parent.  Given time, the feathers that were plucked by the parents will grow back.  CPS has not been involved at this time.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pet Store In Yakima, Washington

I have always been attracted to birds. Whenever there has been an opportunity to observe birds close up, interact with them or hold them (that is a special bonus) it puts a smile on my face. With me being a bird lover, I have always had a larger bird then my parakeet on a wish list. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my yellow parakeet. She provides me peace, joy and entertainment. Its just that ever since Charlie, a friend of mine that I had in my late teens, introduced me to his 2 macaws, parrots and various other birds, I have wanted a larger bird of my own.

To make a long story shorter, I would like to introduce you to a pet store that I wandered into last week. Pet Pantry is located at 5808 Summitview in Yakima, Washington. I found Shelly Halma the owner of Pet Pantry, to be very personable and helpful on my visit to her store.

I observed a variety of birds, fish, reptiles and guinea pigs for sale. I’m under the impression that this is a pet store you would want to drop in on occasion, as the selection of pets and products that are available probably change from time to time. I saw a tank of live food (called feeders) for reptiles. However, I didn’t inquire about the type of feeders they were. Shelly also has some different pet accessories then the ones you find at Petco or PetSmart to choose from. Pet Pantry specializes in all natural pet foods and specialty supplies.

I bought a small rope swing and some bulk bird food while I was there. I was impressed with being able to buy bird foods in bulk, as my bird picks out the stuff she does not like when I buy it in the bag. It can amount to quite a bit of waste in bird food.

Shelly offers pet grooming and has a full time professional groomer on sit. I do believe a proper pet grooming schedule is important to your pet’s health. I know my pet smells better after a grooming and I think they feel good about themselves. If you would like to contact Shelly at the Pet Pantry her number is (509) 966-7300.

I know I will be returning to Pet Pantry to visit. It may be to buy food, accessories or even a wing trim for that larger bird I’m going to initiate getting in the near future.

In closing, if anyone has a nice Parrot or Sun Conure they need to adopt out, I would be interested. Please contact me at kathy_romano@msn.com

Have a great day!


Monday, June 8, 2009

Simple Decorating with Ticking Fabric

Ticking is a recognizable strong cloth, often striped traditionally used for casings of pillows and mattresses.  Its strong thick weave was designed to prevent feathers, straw and other stuffing's from poking through the fabric. A woven ticking usually has threads of natural fibers such as cotton.  Ticking is available in a variety of colors and usually a striped pattern.  Washing instructions are to machine wash in warm water, tumble dry and iron when needed.

I have seen many items made of the simple ticking fabric that accent a home nicely.  Pillows and pillow covers, cushions, drapes, shower curtains, duvet covers, purses or anything else you would like to give a simple personal touch to.

 yellow ticking   red tickingblue ticking


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Chintz Fabric, Romance and Elegance

Chintz is a boldly patterned fabric that was originally produced in India. It became very popular in Europe during the 17th and 18yh centuries. Europeans eventually created their own reproduction of chintz to take advantage of the high consumer demand.

Chintz comes in cotton or a cotton-polyester blend. This fabric is notable for it’s shiny, glazed finish on the face of the fabric and flat back side. Chintz is usually printed with a floral design. Roses and peonies are popular flowers used in chintz designs.

Chintz is a very versatile fabric, you can do so much with it. Upholster furniture, make slipcovers, pillows,curtains, tablecloths and the list goes on. I have a stuffed bunny that is partly constructed of chintz fabric.

You may machine wash or dry clean chintz fabric. Machine washing will eventually remove the glazing, however many people prefer chintz without the shine. So if you want to get rid of the shine, wash away!

chintz 1

chintz 061Bunnies By The Bay came to be in 1986 in LaConner, Washington. These two sisters truly create heirlooms. I have a bunny that was given to me around 1987 as a birthday gift from my Mother. My bunny is over 20 years old. Since the late 1980's Bunnies By The Bay has changed their focus to products geared towards the baby's first year. If you would like to visit Bunnies By the Bay and view some of their current products go to http://www.bunniesbythebay.com/

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Simple Country, French and Shabby Chic Style

country decor outdoor dining

For a brief time I will focus on country style.  Country style has simple yet functional and affordable elements.  Country, french country and shabby chic is my preference in style, I work to attain in my home.

Country style today is rather a way of living then an inventory of objects, or a decorative strategy that must be placed in order to attain the look.  Items that work in their surroundings for the convenience of the family or individual using them, is part of what simple country style is about.  Country style is something that develops over time.  Usually you cannot think of everything you would like for a home and find it immediately.  You need time to consider what is essential and where you should put things.  Your home will have charm and a decorative personality that will mirror your personality.  Something that is usually absent in an instantaneous scheme.

Start bringing the color and texture of nature indoors.  An arrangement of flowers from the garden placed in an ironstone pitcher.  Even old canning jars can be used as vessels for your cuttings from the garden.  That is a simple country look!

Next bring the indoors out.  Think of your garden, yard or patio as extensions of your home decor.  Place chairs and a table on the lawn or patio.  Drape a chintz tablecloth over your table and add a pot or basket of flowers.  Position sculptures in flower-beds, old tubs can become planters, hang old birdhouses on fences and trees.  Imagination is the key to creating a personalized outdoor space for you, family and friends to enjoy.

Country style when utilizing fabric is often achieved with a mixture of patterned materials and textures.  Natural linens, cotton, chintz, ginghams and utilitarian fabrics such as striped ticking are made into slip covers, quilts, pillows and curtains.  The list of items that fabric may be used for in decorating and usefulness, is extensive and quite simple.  I will share my insight about decorating with fabrics in the next blog of teatowelcottage.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Apple Valley Dental & Orthodontic’s

My girl’s had their first visit at the Apple Valley Dental & Orthodontic’s Clinic that was just built in Yakima, Washington. There are so many displays of characters that I only took a few photos. I’m sure they will probably get people stopping buy just to look at the place. They even have a round coffee shop attached to their building.

My 15 year old was very excited to go to the new dental clinic. Previously we went to the first Apple Valley Dental Clinic located by Toys R Us, here in Yakima. All in all I think this is good marketing and will attract a lot of new clients for this dental team.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Introducing: LowellandSon

Wouldn’t it be amazing, to have most of your Christmas or birthday gifts for the year done in advance.  Say by the end of summer.  I think it would be amazing and that is one of my number one goals for this year.

I will randomly be introducing sites, with wonderful gift ideas for you to explore.  Why am I doing this?  I would like you to experience a stress free holiday just like me.  You probably already know this, but waiting until the last moment for our gift giving shopping can create a state of mental/financial hardship and stress.  Can you imagine the good feeling of not having to come up with a thousand dollars or more at Christmas time for gift giving shopping.  Picture yourself at the end of January 2010, not being all depressed because you had to do your Christmas shopping on credit cards.  This can be had by you and me, if we plan ahead.  If we just begin little by little, those thoughtful gifts will be taken care of.

I would like to introduce you to Lowellandson.  A place to by that unique gift for the plush lover in your life.  You will find super cute hamsters in a variety of colors.  You will also find monster bears, monster kitty's and Super Heroes.  As a description, each unique monster pet has a special and entertaining story about their character.

At  Lowellandson you will also find glass ornaments that may be personalized.  Imagine the special feeling of receiving a personalized ornament, to display as a keepsake for many years to come.  It could be purchased for a wedding gift, baby’s first birthday, sisters birthday or Christmas. The possibilities are endless.  I challenge you to planning ahead in 2009.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Entrepreneur Books

ent books

It is a extremely windy day here in Yakima, Washington.  Not a good day for gardening, but a great day to share about my favorite entrepreneur books for the entrepreneur in the making.

BUSINESS OF BLISS written by Victoria magazine and Janet Allon, shares real life stories of entrepreneur women making their hobbies into a profitable business.  MOMMY MILLIONAIRE written by Kim Lavine, shares her personal story of making a million dollars developing and marketing the Wuvits.  Wuvits are pretty pillows filled with corn that may be heated in the microwave for therapeutic use, or frozen for icy relief.  From getting a business license to attending trade shows, creating a web site or making business cards, the information resources are in this inspirational how to story book.  YOUR INTERNET CASH MACHINE written by Joe Vitale and Jillian Coleman Wheeler.  This book walks you through the process and gives great suggestions, on building a successful internet business.  They introduce resources and share with you, where to look to help market and build your web site.  The way this book is written makes it interesting and real.  Believe me, I have returned many books to library unread because I found them to be boring.  YOU CALL THE SHOTS written by Cameron Johnson with John David Mann is a great story about entrepreneurship.  Cameron started his first internet greeting card business when he was 9 years old.  By the age of 19, he had a dozen profitable internet business. Cameron shares his story about entrepreneurship being a way of life.  You will find many internet sites to visit listed throughout this book, to assist you with your entrepreneurial dream.  This is another inspirational resource book.  BLOGGING IN A SNAP written by Julie C. Meloni,  is a step by step guide to blogging with Blogger.  Very helpful and informative, it is a book to own for your personal library so you may refer to it often.  The last book on my list for today is WEB SITES FOR DUMMIES written by Janine Warner.  This book is for the first time web site builder, and is another must have for your personal library.  You have no idea how many times I have checked this book out of the library.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Betta Fish

Each of my two daughters have a betta fish, or the official name Betta splendens.  They may also be called Siamese fighting fish.

In the wild bettas inhabit Thai rice paddies and are accustomed to shallow environments.  However, please give your betta some room to prolong it’s life.  Make sure the container is large enough to provide it with space to swim around and get exercise.  Change the water weekly as waste may build up quickly.  Betta’s are sensitive to changes in temperature.  We set our water out for a few days to eliminate chlorine and temperature change.  There are many other things you can do when changing the water, but we keep it simple.  It’s best for a betta fish to have it’s own space.  Two male betta’s will most likely fight.  When looking for a betta you will see more males then females.  I believe that is because the color of the male betta is so radiant and more varied then the female.

Your betta’s diet should consist primarily of pellet food.  On occasion you may feed frozen or freeze dried brine shrimp or blood worms as a treat. It’s been suggested to feed your betta 2-3 times daily.  Your pet fish will acknowledge you at feeding times and even when you just take a moment to look at it and say “hi”.

To sum it all up the betta fish can be a low maintenance pet, that is meditative and enjoyable to watch.  Even our dog likes to watch the betta.  You will enjoy watching your betta more, if it has live plants and plenty of space to swim around and play.

This is the last blog of my family pet series. The information I have provided, is to give a very brief description of the pets our family has at this time.  Maybe sharing this information has sparked your interest.  Pick an animal and “Google it”.

Parakeets or Budgies

Parakeets are a large group of small parrots.  The real name for this type of bird is Budgerigar or (budgie).

Our bird Sunny is finger tame.  She on occasion will bite the children if not handled for quite some time, but not me.  I am the hand that feeds her.  She can be quite messy with her seed, but I feel that is a small price to pay for the joy and entertainment she brings us.  Sunny does not start her chatting until there is action going on around her.  Therefore I do not feel the need to cover her cage a night.  She has a bell she likes to ring and does acrobatic antics at times.  When I turn her loose in the house Sunny has no problem putting herself back in her cage.  It’s a good idea to keep a good eye on your budgie when out of their cage, as they could be stepped on, or the small dog might want to snatch her up as a play toy.

I have been told, if you want your bird to pay attention to you, don’t give them a mirror.  They will fall in love with the mirror thinking it is another bird. However,I am one of those pet owners guilty of giving my bird a mirror.  It entertains her when no one is paying attention to her.  I also place her where she has a view of the television so she is not lonely.  To sum it all up, budgies are a low maintained pet that will not take up much space and can be quite entertaining.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Our Chihuahua

This is the newest addition to our family.  Mary Jane is a 9 month old Chihuahua.  She is longer then most Chihuahuas so I think she is part dachshund.  We call her a chaweinner.  Notice how large her ears are.

The Chihuahua is one of the oldest and smallest breeds in the world.  Native to Mexico, this dog is named after the state of Chihuahua in Mexico.

Two basic body types of purebred Chihuahuas are apple headed or deer headed.  Characteristics of an apple head Chihuahua are short noses, apple shaped head and close-set eyes.  On the other hand, dear headed Chihuahuas have an elongated nose that resembles a Doberman Pinscher. Deer headed Chihuahuas do not have a head shaped like an apple.  I think Mary Jane is a deer headed Chihuahua.

There are two varieties of Chihuahua, the long-coat and the smooth coat, also referred to as short-haired.  Most Chihuahuas have a height of 6-10 inches and do not weigh more then 6 pounds. The most desirable size of Chihuahua weighs between 2-4 pounds.  I’m glad Mary Jane is on the larger side so she is not so delicate and easy to step on.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Our Beagle

This week I’m going to spend some time sharing about our family pets.  The first pet I will introduce is Chipper.  Chipper is a 6 year old beagle whom we purchased when he was 8 weeks old.  I gave a lot of thought to this purchase, as I knew it could be a challenging breed.  I’m a short haired, small breed type of dog person as I don’t want to spend a lot of time on grooming maintance, or a fortune on going to the dog groomer.  I knew a beagle would work for me.

chip 1000pix  chipper 1000pix

It is amazing that Chipper survived puppyhood as my husband does not have the patience to deal with misbehaving pets  My husband was not really raised with pets.  Chipper jumped on the dining table a few times, dug holes in the grass, howled and I’m sure he chewed a few things.  Today Chipper is a loving, gentle and loyal companion who loves everyone.  He loves to lay with you, play fetch and go for walks.  Of course chipper must be on a leash when outside our back yard, or he will vanish on an adventure of his own.


Here is a little FYI about the beagle.  The beagle was bred to locate game.  Not always the quickest to learn their role, these hounds were valued because they stubbornly refused to be diverted once on the trail of a scent.

A good beagle never gives up the pursuit.  A beagle is a very intelligent breed, but it should be understood that beagles have a lot of interests and thy may decide to pursue those interests regardless of your commands.  Beagles are not blessed with the “homing” instinct of some other breeds.  Responsible owners make sure their beagle is kept in a safe and secure environment.  Beagles love people and would have no problem with going with a total stranger.  A beagle could be happy with anyone who fed, loved, petted and has a couch or chair to sleep on.  Keep a good eye on your beagle.

There are two varieties of beagle, those that in adulthood do not exceed 13 inches and those that are at least 13 inches but do not exceed 15 inches.  The height is measured at the top of the shoulders.  Chipper measures at 13 inches.

I could blog for hours about beagles, but I must move on.  One final note about beagles. Beagle owners should have patience.  If you have patience, the beagle could be a good match for your as a companion.   

Friday, March 20, 2009


This is my husband Steve.  Steve is a very hard worker and helps others when he can.  As you can see he can also be quite the character.  My husband likes things that are grand in size and fast.  He has spent time over the years restoring motorcycles, building a drag racecar and  built a cobra jet engine in his old truck.  He has spent the last 7 years building computers.  Of course he likes those to be big and fast also.  If something can be repaired, Steve will do his best to fix the item.  I believe his talents stem from being the type of kid who takes toasters apart and puts them back together, to having a father who taught him to work on cars.

Steve is a machine operator by trade.  He lays the roads we drive our cars on.  I commend him for his efforts at his job.  During the paving season his days are very long and they can be quite hot.  Not many choose to support their families by doing such a grueling job.


chelsea 1000pix chelsea presents1000pix This is my second daughter Chelsea who is in the 5th grade.  Chelsea is a caring and sensitive child who respects others.  She claims not to like school and I have to force her to read, but she seem to understand her math.  This child is not into organized activities like my first daughter.  At this time she is taking swimming lessons that she does not want to take.  Swimming is a life saving skill that I insist she become good at.

Chelsea does  like to play (WOW) World of Warcraft on her computer.  WOW is an online game that you must level up in and can be quite challenging at times.  She also likes to take our two dogs to the park for some time of play and a picnic.  Chelsea enjoys family gatherings and celebrating holidays.  I’m looking forward to see what her interests may be as she moves on to middle school.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


amber 2008 1000pix

I have decided to share a bit about my family for the next few days.

This is my oldest daughter Amber.  Amber is a 9th grade student.  She is an excellent reader and artistically talented.  She enjoys watching cooking shows, What Not to Wear, House, CSI Miami and horror movies.  She would love to be involved in modeling but is only 5’1 and probably won’t get much taller.  She has participated at a Christian camp for the past 7 years.  Last summer was her first opportunity to be a volunteer at camp.  She enjoys the things most teenagers enjoy, such as music and communicating with friends whether it be in person, by phone, on'-line or by texting.  Amber is presently taking German in school.  She has plans to go to Germany for a month with other students in her class the summer of 2010.  She is a caring, sensitive and helpful individual.  I have high hopes for Amber’s future.  If anyone does have information on becoming a petite model we would love for you to share it with us.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More cute chicks

Since we are on the topic of cute chicks. I would like to feature one of our sister Etsy sellers, that my personal sister at Lowellandson featured on her blog. Feltmeup Designs has some very cute wool felted chicks. I must have a set for myself since I am a bird fan. You can find these cute chicks at http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5591462

The price range for these adorable chicks is between $20.00 and $24.00 each.

Free vintage greeting cards

I visit a free vintage card and craft website. The designs are very nice and the site is user friendly. You don't even have to sign in, as I don't like having to sign in to everything I utalize. Here are a few Easter cards I plan to use this year.http://vintageholidaycrafts.com/

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Easter greetings

I wanted to introduce a nice place to download free vintage greeting card designs. There are cards for all times of the year and they are so sweet. I encourage to take a look around this user friendly site at

Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring forward

With the time change and setting our clocks forward, comes the hope of longer days, warmer weather and more time to get our many things done. I am so looking forward to spring break from school in two weeks, so I have some time to devote to my blog, Etsy store and sewing. I even have hopes that it will be warm enough outside to sweep the patio and prep the flower beds for planting.

I'm going to draw up some garden plans this year instead of randomly throwing plants in the ground. I have had some bad luck with some of my favorite types of plants, such as hydrangea's. It does not look like this here yet, but here is a spring time pic for inspiration that spring is on its way. Have a great day!

Monday, March 9, 2009

My office space

This is my office space where I create embroidery design for tea towels, pillowcases and various clothing. I could spend endless hours doing research in this personal space, however I do put a limit on myself.
I enjoy a clean work area. I do not function well in much clutter, so I clean as I go to prevent a huge mess.
I must get ready for my day of shuffling kids to and from school. Then I will get myself to a job, to work with and supervise some children that are not mine. When I have a chance later today I will squeeze in some entrepreneur duties. I'm going to have a great day, and I wish the same for you.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

serger or overlock machine

This is my serging area located in my kitchen. I never get lonely in this work space, since their are people passing by quite often.
A serger is a machine that creates the finished seam you see on the seams of ready made garments and other fabric items. Some projects can be done 100% on a serger, however a serger can not replace a regular sewing machine. You cannot do top stitching, button holes or zippers on a serger. The job of a serger is to trim the seam and enclose the seam allowance or edge of the fabric, inside a thread casing, all in one step.
A sewing machine is one of the largest investments you will make in your sewing endeavor. Making an informed decision will allow you to buy a machine to meet your needs. Carefully think about how much you are honestly going to use the machine. Make sure the machine is designed for how and what you want to sew. You don't need a sewing/embroidery machine if you are not going to do a lot of embroidery.
Should you shop on line or buy from a local dealer? I found buying from a local dealer helpful. A local dealer is just a phone call away, or you may drop by with any sewing machine issues you have. Classes are usually offered with your purchase. Many will take the machines they sell as trade-in's giving you the opportunity to upgrade your machine. You may want more sewing options or decide you can afford a higher quality model. Dealers are aware of improvements and recalls. Most have their own repair shop, or someone they send machines to for a tune-up, cleaning or repair.
Be sure to do your research and talk with others about your sewing plans. It's easy to be convinced you will use every feature offered and end up in debt, regretting your decision. I spent over $4,000.00 on my sewing/embroidery machine. I did my research and used a local dealer. I found it scary spending that much on a sewing machine, but I'm glad I did since it meets all of my needs. You can spend more or you can spend less on a machine, depending on your budget and the features you are looking for.

Friday, March 6, 2009

sewing area

This is one of my personal spaces. I'm fortunate to have a few personal space areas in my home. This is where I use my Husqvarna, Viking, Designer 1, sewing/embroidery machine. Once I learned how to operate this fine piece of machinery, I found it to be very user friendly. I do understand why some people buy a sewing machine and it ends up in a closet somewhere. It can be very time consuming to learn how to operate a sewing machine or serger. I have found myself very frustrated with my serger at times and I just have to walk away. Usually it is a threading issue. A serger must be threaded just so, or you will have a serious problem.

I must go now, but check back later for more details on my personal spaces.