Sunday, June 14, 2009

Terry Cloth Fabric

Terry cloth consists of uncut loops which form a soft pile on one or both sides of the fabric. The fabric may be either woven or knitted, however most commercial terry cloth is woven. 100% cotton fibers are the choice for terry cloth since they create a soft and highly absorbent fabric. The loops of the fabric and being produced out of cotton, increase absorbency of the fabric. This tends to make terry cloth on the heavy side especially when wet. Cotton terry cloth is a very durable fabric, machine washable, dryable and requires no ironing

The only drawback I see with terry cloth is that if the loops become caught in something and tear out, they can tear a whole line of loops with them. The same goes for a poor quality of terry cloth fabric. The loops will pull out and you will have a snagged up towel or garment.

Terry cloth is widely use in manufacturing towels, wash cloths, bathrobes, slippers, beach cover-ups and some athletic ware. I embroider on 100% cotton bath towels and sew head towel turbines as gifts. This is one of my favorite designs for bath and kitchen towels.

Gingham Fabric

Gingham is a medium weight woven fabric originally made from dyed cotton or a cotton blend yarn.  Later gingham was manufactured of man-made fibers.  Gingham originated as a striped fabric, but later was woven into a checked or plaid pattern,  most often seen in a blue and white. Gingham has no right or wrong side to the fabric regarding color. Today you may find gingham in a variety of colors.

Gingham fabric wears well and is easy to clean and care for.  With this in mind, gingham is a great choice for household linens and lightweight clothing.

lav gingham                 blue gingham

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Youngster Removed From Abusive Parents

You would think the new parents could be a little more doting to their youngsters.  This is the result of abusive cockatiel parents.  The youngster was removed from the birth parents and placed with a foster parent.  Given time, the feathers that were plucked by the parents will grow back.  CPS has not been involved at this time.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pet Store In Yakima, Washington

I have always been attracted to birds. Whenever there has been an opportunity to observe birds close up, interact with them or hold them (that is a special bonus) it puts a smile on my face. With me being a bird lover, I have always had a larger bird then my parakeet on a wish list. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my yellow parakeet. She provides me peace, joy and entertainment. Its just that ever since Charlie, a friend of mine that I had in my late teens, introduced me to his 2 macaws, parrots and various other birds, I have wanted a larger bird of my own.

To make a long story shorter, I would like to introduce you to a pet store that I wandered into last week. Pet Pantry is located at 5808 Summitview in Yakima, Washington. I found Shelly Halma the owner of Pet Pantry, to be very personable and helpful on my visit to her store.

I observed a variety of birds, fish, reptiles and guinea pigs for sale. I’m under the impression that this is a pet store you would want to drop in on occasion, as the selection of pets and products that are available probably change from time to time. I saw a tank of live food (called feeders) for reptiles. However, I didn’t inquire about the type of feeders they were. Shelly also has some different pet accessories then the ones you find at Petco or PetSmart to choose from. Pet Pantry specializes in all natural pet foods and specialty supplies.

I bought a small rope swing and some bulk bird food while I was there. I was impressed with being able to buy bird foods in bulk, as my bird picks out the stuff she does not like when I buy it in the bag. It can amount to quite a bit of waste in bird food.

Shelly offers pet grooming and has a full time professional groomer on sit. I do believe a proper pet grooming schedule is important to your pet’s health. I know my pet smells better after a grooming and I think they feel good about themselves. If you would like to contact Shelly at the Pet Pantry her number is (509) 966-7300.

I know I will be returning to Pet Pantry to visit. It may be to buy food, accessories or even a wing trim for that larger bird I’m going to initiate getting in the near future.

In closing, if anyone has a nice Parrot or Sun Conure they need to adopt out, I would be interested. Please contact me at

Have a great day!


Monday, June 8, 2009

Simple Decorating with Ticking Fabric

Ticking is a recognizable strong cloth, often striped traditionally used for casings of pillows and mattresses.  Its strong thick weave was designed to prevent feathers, straw and other stuffing's from poking through the fabric. A woven ticking usually has threads of natural fibers such as cotton.  Ticking is available in a variety of colors and usually a striped pattern.  Washing instructions are to machine wash in warm water, tumble dry and iron when needed.

I have seen many items made of the simple ticking fabric that accent a home nicely.  Pillows and pillow covers, cushions, drapes, shower curtains, duvet covers, purses or anything else you would like to give a simple personal touch to.

 yellow ticking   red tickingblue ticking