Sunday, June 14, 2009

Terry Cloth Fabric

Terry cloth consists of uncut loops which form a soft pile on one or both sides of the fabric. The fabric may be either woven or knitted, however most commercial terry cloth is woven. 100% cotton fibers are the choice for terry cloth since they create a soft and highly absorbent fabric. The loops of the fabric and being produced out of cotton, increase absorbency of the fabric. This tends to make terry cloth on the heavy side especially when wet. Cotton terry cloth is a very durable fabric, machine washable, dryable and requires no ironing

The only drawback I see with terry cloth is that if the loops become caught in something and tear out, they can tear a whole line of loops with them. The same goes for a poor quality of terry cloth fabric. The loops will pull out and you will have a snagged up towel or garment.

Terry cloth is widely use in manufacturing towels, wash cloths, bathrobes, slippers, beach cover-ups and some athletic ware. I embroider on 100% cotton bath towels and sew head towel turbines as gifts. This is one of my favorite designs for bath and kitchen towels.

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