Monday, June 8, 2009

Simple Decorating with Ticking Fabric

Ticking is a recognizable strong cloth, often striped traditionally used for casings of pillows and mattresses.  Its strong thick weave was designed to prevent feathers, straw and other stuffing's from poking through the fabric. A woven ticking usually has threads of natural fibers such as cotton.  Ticking is available in a variety of colors and usually a striped pattern.  Washing instructions are to machine wash in warm water, tumble dry and iron when needed.

I have seen many items made of the simple ticking fabric that accent a home nicely.  Pillows and pillow covers, cushions, drapes, shower curtains, duvet covers, purses or anything else you would like to give a simple personal touch to.

 yellow ticking   red tickingblue ticking


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