Friday, September 11, 2009

Amazon Parrot

Kiki is the newest addition to our family.  Kiki is a Yellow Napped Amazon Parrot. She is about 10 years old.  I have wanted a large bird since I was 19 years of age and now that dream has been fulfilled.  Kiki has been a good addition to our home so far.

Kiki is used to pellet food.  I have been introducing her to people food, since she was on the thin side when we received her. She likes eggs, pasta, peas, corn, peanuts and Cheerio's.  Kiki is not interested in the fruit I offer her.  I plan to grow some sprouted feed in the near future.  Seed sprouts are enjoyed by some Amazons and is a good addition to the pellet diet for some added variety.

I will share more on Amazon parrots in the near future.  Topics will include cages, play toys and accessories.  I’m also in the process of finding embroidery designs of birds to embellish and personalize Items.