Saturday, March 28, 2009

Betta Fish

Each of my two daughters have a betta fish, or the official name Betta splendens.  They may also be called Siamese fighting fish.

In the wild bettas inhabit Thai rice paddies and are accustomed to shallow environments.  However, please give your betta some room to prolong it’s life.  Make sure the container is large enough to provide it with space to swim around and get exercise.  Change the water weekly as waste may build up quickly.  Betta’s are sensitive to changes in temperature.  We set our water out for a few days to eliminate chlorine and temperature change.  There are many other things you can do when changing the water, but we keep it simple.  It’s best for a betta fish to have it’s own space.  Two male betta’s will most likely fight.  When looking for a betta you will see more males then females.  I believe that is because the color of the male betta is so radiant and more varied then the female.

Your betta’s diet should consist primarily of pellet food.  On occasion you may feed frozen or freeze dried brine shrimp or blood worms as a treat. It’s been suggested to feed your betta 2-3 times daily.  Your pet fish will acknowledge you at feeding times and even when you just take a moment to look at it and say “hi”.

To sum it all up the betta fish can be a low maintenance pet, that is meditative and enjoyable to watch.  Even our dog likes to watch the betta.  You will enjoy watching your betta more, if it has live plants and plenty of space to swim around and play.

This is the last blog of my family pet series. The information I have provided, is to give a very brief description of the pets our family has at this time.  Maybe sharing this information has sparked your interest.  Pick an animal and “Google it”.

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