Thursday, March 19, 2009


amber 2008 1000pix

I have decided to share a bit about my family for the next few days.

This is my oldest daughter Amber.  Amber is a 9th grade student.  She is an excellent reader and artistically talented.  She enjoys watching cooking shows, What Not to Wear, House, CSI Miami and horror movies.  She would love to be involved in modeling but is only 5’1 and probably won’t get much taller.  She has participated at a Christian camp for the past 7 years.  Last summer was her first opportunity to be a volunteer at camp.  She enjoys the things most teenagers enjoy, such as music and communicating with friends whether it be in person, by phone, on'-line or by texting.  Amber is presently taking German in school.  She has plans to go to Germany for a month with other students in her class the summer of 2010.  She is a caring, sensitive and helpful individual.  I have high hopes for Amber’s future.  If anyone does have information on becoming a petite model we would love for you to share it with us.

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