Thursday, May 28, 2009

Simple Country, French and Shabby Chic Style

country decor outdoor dining

For a brief time I will focus on country style.  Country style has simple yet functional and affordable elements.  Country, french country and shabby chic is my preference in style, I work to attain in my home.

Country style today is rather a way of living then an inventory of objects, or a decorative strategy that must be placed in order to attain the look.  Items that work in their surroundings for the convenience of the family or individual using them, is part of what simple country style is about.  Country style is something that develops over time.  Usually you cannot think of everything you would like for a home and find it immediately.  You need time to consider what is essential and where you should put things.  Your home will have charm and a decorative personality that will mirror your personality.  Something that is usually absent in an instantaneous scheme.

Start bringing the color and texture of nature indoors.  An arrangement of flowers from the garden placed in an ironstone pitcher.  Even old canning jars can be used as vessels for your cuttings from the garden.  That is a simple country look!

Next bring the indoors out.  Think of your garden, yard or patio as extensions of your home decor.  Place chairs and a table on the lawn or patio.  Drape a chintz tablecloth over your table and add a pot or basket of flowers.  Position sculptures in flower-beds, old tubs can become planters, hang old birdhouses on fences and trees.  Imagination is the key to creating a personalized outdoor space for you, family and friends to enjoy.

Country style when utilizing fabric is often achieved with a mixture of patterned materials and textures.  Natural linens, cotton, chintz, ginghams and utilitarian fabrics such as striped ticking are made into slip covers, quilts, pillows and curtains.  The list of items that fabric may be used for in decorating and usefulness, is extensive and quite simple.  I will share my insight about decorating with fabrics in the next blog of teatowelcottage.

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