Thursday, February 19, 2009

Purpose of Tea Towels

It was during the Industrial Revolution that mass production of the tea towels started. During the late 18th Century, England households used a special linen drying cloth to dry precious and expensive china, crystal and dinnerware.

The purpose of the tea towel is to absorb water, so it must be soft and absorbent. Tea towels are mostly made from cotton, linen and terrycloth.

Many places we travel to have tea towels on sale as a souvenir of a landmark or historic event. Some of us like to collect birds, cats, flowers, teapots or even Elvis Presley items. Tea towels can fill this need.

We enjoy the tradition of decorating for the holidays. We acknowledge the coming and goings of changing seasons. Personally, I get a special feeling when I use embellished products in my home for daily rituals. The same goes for specially designed clothing and accessories. Using your tea towel collection is a practical way to decorate your home.

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