Thursday, February 26, 2009

Flour sack towels

At one time dry goods such as flour, rice and chicken feed were sold in sturdy, tightly woven cotton sacks. Frugal consumers often reused the sacks for storage and carrying goods. It was also popular to make linens and clothing from the bag's of fabric. Some producers of cotton sacks even printed them with decorative patterns.

Towels cut from flour sack material are the most absorbent towels I have found. They feel so good in your hands while drying dishes. Homemakers have enjoyed using flour sack towels for many years and they may be used for all kinds of household tasks. Great for drying dishes, polishing glassware and silver, to straining foods and covering rising dough. They do not leave scratches or smears on fine glassware, eyeglasses, windows, computer monitors or t.v. screens.

I highly recommend the flour sack towel for everyday uses. You'll find endless uses for this extra soft, absorbent and lint free towel.

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